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North West Cricket

North West Cricket is the official custodian of cricket in the North West Province and aims to make cricket available to all who want to play this beautiful game. The main objective is the transformation and development of amateur and professional cricket by providing opportunities and other resources in order to promote, organise, control, administer, foster, encourage and provide facilities for the game of cricket.

About the Stadium

1. Senwes Oval

11 Cricket strips – Most strips in the country.


Senwes Park Stadium Oval 

2. Main Pavillion

Senwes Park Stadium Main Pavillion 440 m diameter
Senwes Park Stadium Main PavillionSenwes Park Stadium Main Pavillion

3. Main Building

The main building was officially opened by the Honorable Premier Popo Molefe on 20 October 2000. In the main building you will find:

  • Norwest Cricket offices
  • 3 Indoor nets
  • 2 – bowling nets
  • 1 – bowl machine
  • Long Room
  • Presidents Sweet
  • Media room

Senwes Park Stadium Main BuildingSenwes Park Stadium Main Building Senwes Park Stadium Main Building

4. Chalets



  1. Vacant
  2. Mooirivier Mall
  3. Konica Minolta
  4. Daly Auto
  5. Daly Auto
  6. Daly Auto
  7. Vacant
  8. Standard Bank
  9. Oranje Toyota Klerksdorp
  10. Liberty Life
  11. Potch Dorp
  12. The Captain
  13. Ensco Engineering
  14. Senwes
  15. PUK Tegniese Dienste
  16. Mhiduve Consulting
  17. Quattro Fuel
  18. Vacant
  19. Africa Hydro
  20. JB Marks
  21. NTT Volkswagen
  22. Henlie Boerdery
  23. Vacant
  24. Vacant
  25. Profert
  26. Vaal Reefs
  27. OFM Deck
  28. Seeff

Senwes Park Stadium Chalets Senwes Park Stadium Chalets  Senwes Park Stadium Chalets

5 - 7. Nets

Main Nets used by:


  • Used by International teams
  • Used by the Franchise
  • Used by Amateur cricket

International Nets exclusively for international players. Academy Nets:

  • Used by all Academies
  • Used by Dragons Men and Women

senwes park stadium nets     senwes park stadium nets senwes park stadium nets

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