Umpires Association

Umpiring a career for cricket lovers.


President: Sakkie Kotze | Contact Number 082 955 8270 | Email:

Vice-President: Johan Horn | Email:

Secretary: Jannie Myburg


- Lukie Luus

- Roderick Ellis

- Aaron Mpike

- David Manyonye

- Phestus Motsabi

- Ephriam Touta

Umpires Association

- Commit themselves to the following

- Not to make any public pronouncements or media comments which is detrimental to the game of cricket in general

- Not to engage, directly or indirectly, in any betting of the game of cricket

- Not to be involved in the distribution or use of illegal drugs

- Not to engage in any conduct to which is prejudicial to the game of cricket

- To act ethical correct when engaging in the duties of there umpires

- To always be honest and objective when standing as a umpire

- To serve the players and the rest of Cricket South Africa in a professional manner

- To ascertain the level of competence within the association and do the part in training and helping all umpires to maintain and better the set standard of umpiring

- To adhere to the C'cess

- Clothed appropriately, Clock conscious,

- Confident, Concentrating, Committed,

- Co-operative, Cool, Collected, Courteous, Calm, Commonsense,

- And to strive in solidum towards a professional organization which really serves the community and the rest of Cricket South Africa with the required dedication and devotion.