Board and Sub-Committees

The North West Cricket Board of Directors are the decision making body of the company. Each of the members of the Board of Directors has a portfolio and is the chairperson of that particular portfolio Sub-Committee.

The North West Cricket Members Board report to the Board of Directors and are comprised as follows:

From the Board of Directors: The President, Vice-President and Secretary.

The chairperson of each Premier League Club

The Chairperson of all the Associate Members; Women’s Cricket, Rural Cricket, Umpires Association, Scorers Association and Schools Cricket.


- Legal
- Human Resource; Training, Equity and Communication
- Strategic and Transformation
- Remuneration

- Finance and Commercial
- Audit and Risk
- Stadium and Facilities
- Management (MANCO)

- Medical
- Professional Cricket
- Disciplinary (Club Players)
- Disciplinary (Provincial Players)

- Appeal Board
- Rural